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A wedding ceremony that is unique and 

I help students find their own relationship to their heritage and Jewish identity


I provide instruction on how to pleasantly and correctly read the Torah portion according to the Ashkenazi tradition


I develop original ideas with the student for their Bar Mitzvah speech and then help them with their confidence and charisma for public speaking

About Rabbi Ariel:

Shalom, I'm R Ariel and I'm an experienced educator, wedding ceremony officiator and Bar Mitzvah instructor who loves working with people and has a rapport for striking meaningful and pleasant relationships with my clients and students.
I really care about the couple I marry. That’s why I always meet the couple before marrying them and that is why I always offer free marriage counseling before and after the marriage. It enables me to first be their friend before I am their officiating rabbi. It is that approach which also makes the traditional halachic weddings I do relaxed and comfortable. You are familiar with me and I am familiar with you. I try to be attentive to your vision and help you decide how the ceremony will be.

“Six years after our wedding people still remind us of how powerful and beautiful the ceremony was... In the meetings before the wedding we talked through life’s trials, values, goals, and the questions that needed to be explored. It was a journey, one that Rabbi Ariel was there to walk us through.”​

—  Adam and Torrie

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